About Us

We capture moments and create memories thereof. Candid Portraiture, photojournalism and landscape photography are our areas of expertise. Photography to us, is a way of appreciating life by capturing and preserving it for later indulgence. It is a beautiful art with which one can use to bring happiness into people’s lives and inspire them to be the best they can.

Photography unravels reality in a way that soothes the eye. It creates emotions that otherwise would have gone unnoticed and recreates those that have been long forgotten in the past. With photography comes passion. We admire the mere fact that an image gives you more time to analyze a subject/scene therefore appreciating it more. Also, an image presents you with an opportunity to relive an experience or perhaps imagine one. Imagination is the first step to accomplishing a dream.

Sometimes something imaginary is first inspired by something seen and photography helps people to perceive differently. It projects people into a reality otherwise unknown.

Most of our shoots are on location shoots. All our photoshoots have been structured with your memories at heart. Each photoshoot is individually and uniquely designed to capture spontaneous heart-warming moments and definitely the poses too. We capture personalities, life and emotions and preserve them in portraits.